Women in Design

The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) has a committee celebrating and encouraging the success and leadership of women in the design community. The Women in Design committee organizes monthly networking events and this month, Denise Lugar, Principal, and Whitney Perkins, Associate Principal, were invited to speak about the environmental graphic design process.

Hosted by Design Communications Ltd. (DCL), a local custom sign fabricator, the evening was both informative and a fun peek behind the curtain, complete with a tour of DCL’s multi-level shop right on the docks of South Boston.

Whitney gave an overview of how Roll Barresi’s design process follows a path similar to architectural design phases: 1) Conceptual/Schematic Design, 2) Design Development, 3) Contract Documents, 4) Construction Administration.

She told stories of past projects—working with creative architects and highly skilled sign fabricators like DCL to produce innovative outcomes.

Denise then used the Museum of Fine Arts as a case study to tell a more specific story of how a successful wayfinding project comes to fruition. The iconic institution was undergoing an expansion and overall modernization, requiring a wayfinding system that was not only functional to an international audience, but appropriate for a historic 1876 building with 21st century architectural elements. Refer to the project page in our portfolio or take a closer look next time you’re at the MFA!

Images courtesy of Design Communications Ltd.

Images courtesy of Design Communications Ltd.